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“If it is possible for Comrade Adeyanju to be a life president general of the union I will support him because he is a born leader.”……Comrade Agboola

Chairman Apapa District 1, , Dockworkers Branch, MWUN Comrade Agboola Akeem Bolaji

Comrade Agboola Akeem Bolaji is the  District 1 Chairman of Apapa,  under the Dock Workers branch of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria, comprising Apapa Bulk Terminals Limited (ABTL) and ENL Consortium terminal both at Lagos Port Complex (LPC).


The Oyo State unionist has over three decades of maritime experience to his credit.


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In this chat with our correspondent on Friday,he talked about how determination has paid off in becoming a successful unionist.





Kindly tell us your full name?


I am Comrade Agboola Akeem Bolaji, I am the District chairman of Apapa berth, district one, I cover ENL and ABTL

I am from Afijio Local Government Area in Oyo state .

I was born and brought up in Lagos Island and after a while, I moved to Ijora Badia where I spent most of my life growing up before I finally moved to Apapa.

I attended Holy Cross Primary School, Igbosere and I went to St. Gregory’s College in Obalende. When I was in secondary school, we had accommodation problem because the house we were living in Igbosere was demolished. That was what led us moving to Ijora.

Later on while I was still in school, my mother had an accident and that was how my life changed.That was what brought me into the port.

I joined the maritime sector in 1982 and at that time, I was still schooling. Due to the problem that my mother had and my father was very old at that time.I was born when my father and mother were very old. My mother is still alive now living in Lagos Island.

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What’s your favourite food?


My favourite food is beans and plaintain and all my friends can testify to that.


How about your favourite colour?


My favourite colour is blue. I like blue because it is cool and calm.


Do often do you get to visit your village?


Since I was born, I can tell you I have been to my home town just about five times because my mother and father are in Lagos.


How do you relax?


I engage in physical exercise on Saturdays by playing football for like two hours after when I will go and relax and around 2 pm, I will come down to Apapa but on Sunday, I will make sure I sleep till 11 am before setting out for the terminal.

On working days, I spend most of my time here because I resume between 8 to 9 am and stay here till 9 pm before going back home.


How do you manage women around you?


For someone who knows what he is doing, you won’t allow women to distract you because if you allow distraction, you can’t be a good leader. I remain focus on my vision. My religion permits me to marry more than one wife, if I want to marry another woman I will do so instead of doing rubbish about.

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As a district leader, how do you manage your followers?


If you are a truthful leader, automatically, you will have no problem with your followers. It is my followers that can tell you more about me. By the grace of God, just because I am a faithful leader, they have been cooperating with me and obeying me. In fact, we have a cordial relationship likewise my executives.


Since you are football lover, what’s your favourite club?


My favourite club is Real Madrid of Spain and my favourite footballer is C. Ronaldo.


What’s that memorable experience in life that you can never forget?


The experience I can never forget is when my mother had an accident. It was a terrible experience for me. That’s why I can’t forget one of my sisters, she was the one that got me a pair of sandals and school uniform for me.

My mummy had an accident when she was going to Ibadan because she is from Ibadan. She was admitted into Ogun State University Teaching hospital. That’s my most painful experience in life.



How can you describe the leadership style of the present President General of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria, Comrade Adewale Adeyanju?


In fact, I am happy to be part of the system because we have never had the kind of leadership he is giving to us. He gave us freedom of everything. I am short of words to describe his leadership style and kind of person. He has stamped his feet in the sand of history as it is today.

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I want to praise him too for the way he organised all the termibals since he started his regime.

There has never been any issue of violence since his tenure began. MWUN was known for thuggery until he came on board right from the time of his predecessor.

They have laid very good foundation for all of us to follow.


Your relationship with your branch President?


We have a very good relationship. We have been working well together, he left this office for me. I am following most of the legacies he left behind for me.


How do you take religion?


I take my religion seriously and it has been guiding me on the steps I take and town do my things. My religion has also taught me to be a good leader.


Do you support the current Comrade Adeyanju reelection as President General of the MWUN?



Infact if there anyway the Constitution can be reviewed for the PG of MWUN  to lead us for another two tenure I will be in support. If it is possible for Comrade Adeyanju to be a life president general of the union I will support him because he is born leader.