Publishers of Daily Focus Nigeria  is an emerging brand in media practice to disseminate and enrich Nigerians with the right information.


Daily Focus Nigeria founded in Lagos, has a strong believe in the progress  growth and development of Nigeria thus want to make a difference in journalism.


This media organization is based in Lagos, South West Nigeria with a strong knack for balance reportage, Daily Focus Nigeria was established in October 2017 and registered with CAC as Daily Focus Nigeria Limited.


Website Name: Daily Focus Nigeria
Website Address: dailyfocus.com.ng
Publisher Name: Daily Focus Nigeria Limited
Corporate Address: Aquarius Block, 1st Floor, Right Wing, Eleganza Plaza Building, 1 Commercial Road, Apapa Lagos
EMail: info@dailyfocus.com.ng

Co-founder/Editor: Roland Ekama
Phone: +2348051667004
Email: umuakporo2010@yahoo.com, roland_ekama@dailyfocus.com.ng

Co-founder/Head IT Department: Ijezie Victor
Phone: +2348033491309
Email: ijezie12@yahoo.com, ijezie_victor@dailyfocus.com.ng