Friday, September 22, 2023



Publishers of Daily Focus Nigeria  is an emerging brand in media practice to disseminate and enrich Nigerians with the right information.


Daily Focus Nigeria founded in Lagos, has a strong believe in the progress  growth and development of Nigeria thus want to make a difference in journalism.


This media organization is based in Lagos, South West Nigeria with a strong knack for balance reportage, Daily Focus Nigeria was established in October 2017 and registered with CAC as Daily Focus Nigeria Limited.


Website Name: Daily Focus Nigeria
Website Address:
Publisher Name: Daily Focus Nigeria Limited
Corporate Address: Aquarius Block, 1st Floor, Right Wing, Eleganza Plaza Building, 1 Commercial Road, Apapa Lagos

Co-founder/Editor: Roland Ekama
Phone: +2348051667004

Co-founder/Head IT Department: Ijezie Victor
Phone: +2348033491309