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HYPERTENSION DAY: Apapa General Hospital Creates Awareness On Control, Symptoms

In observance of the world hypertension day, the General Hospital Apapa Lagos, joined the rest of the world to create awareness on high and low blood pressure.

Speaking at the event on Wednesday, the Medical Director Chief Executive Officer General Hospital Apapa, Dr. Keshinro Ajibola said the theme of this year hypertension day is ” Measure your blood pressure accurately and control it, inorder to live long”.

He said hypertension day is observed to highlight the importance of hypertension control and raise awareness of the causes and risk associated with high blood pressure.

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Dr.  Ajibola, described hypertension as blood pressure that is higher than normal, saying,  blood pressure changes throughout the day based on someone activities.

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On his part, the head of General Outpatients Department ( GOD ), and a consultant family physician, Dr. Okunneye Taofik, said hypertension has no symptoms and can be very dangerous if not well treated, noting that a lot of Nigeria does not know if they’re hypertensive, and “that is why the General Hospital Apapa is creating awareness to sensitised the public on high and low blood pressure.”

Dr. Okunneye  said  hypertension can puts someone at risks for stroke, heart attack and other problems.

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He further said nearly half of adults who are hypertensive don’t realise it.

Dr. Okunneye Taofik advise the public during the hypertension awareness that checkups are very crucial. Dietary changes, exercise and medicine can help keep blood pressure where it should be.

“Dr. MacLarence Famuyiwa as published in the punch Newspaper of 17th  May, 3023, that too much consumption of salt however causes the elevation of blood pressure and also cardiovascular diseases,stroke, coronary heart diseases and kidney stones.”he stated.


By Roland Ekama