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Canadian “Loud” Importation; The New Bride Of NDLEA’s Operation Sweep

With the emerging trend of drug trafficking mostly as it concerns the “Canadian Loud” importation through the nation’s seaports,  Roland Ekama writes on the peculiarities for NDLEA to take a step further and  engage relevant health and narcotics agencies in Canada in curbing the influx of the menacing drug to Nigeria.




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It is a known fact that the Middle East and Asia are conspicuous with hard drug trafficking either through import or export by air mode of transportation by Nigerians and foreigners vice versa.

Countries like  Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Malaysia, Saudi Arabia , India etc are notable with this type of crime viz a viz  drug trafficking and peddling as perpetrated by local and foreign dealers with hand full cases of arrest made by relevant authorities from the home front.

But its another factor of consideration that  large quantities of such commodities were  shipped through the seaports with little or no arrest of the criminals who import such illicit drugs to Nigeria unnoticed years past.

However, the seaports in terms of drug seizures have recorded tremendous achievements in the last two years,  under the watchful eyes of the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), since the appointment of Brigadier General Buba Marwa (rtd) by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Consequently, previous administration may have lacked the  competence and expertise about the seaports and illegal drug importation but the techniques deplored by the Marwa administration has  made the difference in port surveillance and monitoring of large seizures.

As the sole administrator of Lagos State back in 1996 -1999 , Marwa had introduced the iconic “Operation Sweep”, which was  targeted at criminal elements in the state. A successful operation at that time with tremendous impact against the backdrop improving security of lives and properties in the state .To this end , coupled with this sterling performance so far, there is the need to also create another code name basically to flush out illicit drug importation to the nation’s seàports.

Marwa administration as NDLEA front man has been an eye opener to the port industry due to the quantum of success stories of seizures at the port domain.

Basically to replicate the achievements recorded as sole administrator of Lagos, the alleged bulk importation of drugs if not properly nipped in the bud may increase crime rates and other vices in the country; specially at a time when the nation is faced with insecurity.

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On the spotlight , the menacing monster called drug trafficking in Canada predominantly , has continued to overrun other countries aforementioned with the dangerous business. Though not as explicit like cocaine , the trend has continued to migrate from the Far East to Northern America and Canada to be precise.

With the influx of illicit drugs from Canada via the nation’s seaports,  one will continue to wonder the sudden trend of trafficking from the North American country.

NDLEA Chairman, Buba Marwa

While the term “loud” can be used to describe strong marijuana, there is also a particular strain of marijuana called Loud, or Loud Dream. This loud weed strain comes from a specific breed of the marijuana plant and is one of the most expensive strains of marijuana available. This potent form of marijuana can cost as much as $800 per ounce and has one of the highest concentrations of THC available in marijuana, with a concentration of 26%.

In Canada, drugs including cannabis, can impair driving abilities and increase the risk of getting into a car accident. In fact, impaired driving is the leading cause of criminal deaths and injuries in Canada. Police-reported data indicate that the proportion of drug-impaired driving incidents has increased from 2% of all impaired driving cases to over 8% in 2020 while, at the same time, the proportion of alcohol-impaired driving incidents was declining.

Statistically, marijuana (Loud weed) or herb was the most commonly reported product used (88% or 5.4 million), followed by edibles (42% or 2.6 million), cannabis oil (30% or 1.9 million), hashish or kief (17% or 1.1 million), and cannabis cartridges or disposable vape pens (16% or 965,000) in Canada between 2020 -2021.

Perhaps with the migration of Nigerians en masse  over the years to Canada for greener pastures , it is pertinent to connote that drug dealings was unpopular and uncommon to a peaceful country that accommodates  all  nations  of the world jrrespective of tribe, culture, race and religion.

Apparently, in recent years, criminal drug trafficking is prevalent in Toronto, Ontario, and the rest of Canada, as suggested by the latest incident-based crime statistics released by statistics from Canada. These statistics show that almost 14,000 Canadians were charged with drug trafficking offences in 2021. A clear indication of the fact that there is steady progression of drug trafficking in Canada.

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Flag of Canada

Unlike cocaine dealership which is predominant in  South America e.g Columbia, Cuba, Peru and Venezuela; the Canadian “loud” is gradually gathering momentum thus, becoming alarming.

In the last 365 days, Nigerian have come to realize that the new bride ” Canadian Loud” which is another form of marijuana has gained undeserved popularity.

However, with the overnight takeover by the Canadian “Loud” , dealers who allegedly are Nigerians in collaboration with the locals aboard, call for major concerns with a view of nipping the trend in the bud.

As for Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), the storylines and statistics have continued to soar on the importation of such drugs (Loud) from “Montreal” and “Toronto” , Canada to Nigeria. Within the last 365 days under the administration of Mr . Buba Marwa , the fight against the illicit drugs may not be over pretty soon with the new trend .

Prominently, the substance known as “Loud” which is a synthetic strain of cannabis, is the type of drug commonly and predominantly intercepted by operatives of the NDLEA, in Nigerian port in recent time.

It is also known as Cannabis Indica, a brand of Canadian species  popularly refer to ad Collorador.

However, there is the need to further take WADA crusade  to Canada in a view to engage relevant authorities in  which might come in form of diplomatic ties to curb the menacing monster of hard drug importation to Nigeria.

For example, the Canadian Drugs and Substances Strategy (CDSS) is Canada’s policy on controlled substances. It takes an evidence-based approach and is led by Health Canada. It’s founded on the pillars of harm reduction, prevention, treatment, and enforcement.

Public Safety Canada supports the enforcement pillar of the CDSS, in addition to measures to reduce the harms associated with substance use. Legislative changes that came into force in 2017 have increased law enforcement’s ability to take early action against suspected illegal drug production and trafficking operations. With NDLEA partnering this CDSS will go a long way to curb the import of such illicit drug.

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On networking strategy, Public Safety Canada works with international partners to address illegal drug production and trafficking in drugs and precursor chemicals, which systematically can be another avenue for NDLEA to romance.

Currently the National Anti-Drug Strategy in Canada has three strategies: prevention, treatment and enforcement. While the Canada CAMH believes that a comprehensive drug strategy needs to adopt a ‘four pillar approach’. The National Framework and many drug strategies across Canada include a harm reduction strategy.

Back home, the NDLEA should also engage the Federal Ministry of Transportation FMOT through the Nigerian Shipper’s Council on the technicalities and peculiarities about the much talked about Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) vis a vis  hiatus drug trafficking  .

The narrative has changed in the last six months sequel to Loud take over of tramadol in the Nigeria contextual usage.

Statistically, in the last six months, the NDLEA has reported to the public , a total of twenty one cases of intercepted drugs from Canada mostly from the capital ” Montreal”or “Toronto”

Further breakdown revealed as reported by NDLEA that all the drugs were laden or hidden in fairly used imported vehicles with peculiarity shipment to Tin Can Island Port in Lagos.

Recall that the some dockers were arrested in 2022 with connection to tramadol importation, but for the Canadian loud apparently, shippers of used vehicles might be allegedly linked to the substance thus the agency should beam its searchlight on how tame the tigers behind the dealership.

Between November 2022 –  May 2023, NDLEA personnel have recorded Canadian Loud seizures  concealed in  used vehicles imported from Toronto and Montreal Canada at  Tin can port in Lagos.

As the new  bride to NDLEA, the focus and surveillance should be drifted from importation boxes to used vehicles from Canada with strong proactive steps centred on thorough examinations thus, combined security agencies like customs, DSS and others.

The frequency of loud weed importation can be nipped in the bud squarely only if the right apparatus are well structured and position for effective policing of drug importation from Canada to the nation’s seaports.