Home Entertainment “Why Our Female Colleagues Don’t Seek Financial Assistance” – Daniel Etim Effiong

“Why Our Female Colleagues Don’t Seek Financial Assistance” – Daniel Etim Effiong

Daniel Etim Effiong

In a recent episode of the popular “Bad and Bougie Podcast,” Nigerian actor Daniel Etim Effiong engaged in a conversation with hosts Moet Abebe and Tolani Baj regarding the disparities between male and female actors when it comes to seeking financial assistance in Nigeria.

In response to Moet Abebe’s inquiry about the observed differences in how male and female actors approach public financial assistance, Daniel Etim delved into the profound influence of societal norms and traditional expectations on these behaviors, particularly emphasizing the role of men in many Nigerian communities.

Effiong highlighted the cultural norms that traditionally assign the responsibility of shouldering financial burdens not only for themselves but also for the women in their lives to men. This cultural expectation, he argued, results in a more conspicuous visibility of men seeking financial assistance compared to women, who may receive support more discreetly.

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The actor stressed that men often navigate their financial challenges quietly, choosing not to seek assistance from women. He explained that, within the traditional Nigerian context, a man’s primary focus in earning money frequently revolves around ensuring the well-being of his family.

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In times of financial hardship, men are more inclined to seek public assistance, aligning with societal norms that deem it uncommon for women to financially support men. This discussion sheds light on the intricate dynamics shaped by cultural expectations within the context of financial support in Nigeria.